Visualising Travel in UAE

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Davina Ajana
May 3, 2024
Our latest Getty Images VisualGPS research shows travel video continues to rise in importance for UAE consumers. Using video to show moments around sustainable journeys and authentic travel experiences are key to building brand trust with today's travelers. 
Embracing the Video Revolution
There is an opportunity for travel brands to spotlight cultural immersion and genuine connections through video storytelling. Why? Getty Images VisualGPS research shows that video in travel advertising is important for UAE consumers as 64% want to see more videos of travel experiences, activities and destinations. VisualGPS research reveals that travel brands certainly agree!  Most say they intend to invest more in video content, including capturing people in a more organic way.

Traditionally videos popular with travel customers were destination driven that focus on cinematic aerials and iconic landmarks. However, the popularity of short format video on social media is changing what travel consumers want to see. By authentically showing real experiences of real travelers, travel brands can build deeper trust with their audience on a more personal level.
Sustainable Tourism
Climate change is beginning to impact UAE consumer expectations from travel brands. 42% of UAE consumers say sustainability influences their travel decision‑making. As climate anxiety continues to rise and as over‑tourism is highlighted by host cities, today's travelers are taking more care on how, where and why there are traveling. UAE Consumers say motivation for a sustainable trip now includes finding easy to get to locations. Getty Images VisualGPS research also shows UAE consumers expect brands to take greater accountability. Consider showing off‑season travel, less touristic destinations and slower travel. 

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