Creative Insights is an authentic, thought-provoking experience in imagery that sparks the imagination. We uncover the latest visual trends and share stories that will inspire you to create relevant, impactful campaigns that command attention.
Insights, culture and trends. A lens into culture and the visual imagery that moves it
A showcase of the creatives behind the videos, photos and illustrations and the movements they influence
Celebrating the work that challenges visual stereotypes and strives for authentic and inclusive representation
Our Creative Team
As a company of creatives — from artists to curators, archivists to futurists — our award-winning art directors and visual experts hand-select imagery that builds brands, drives business, and empowers you to tell the stories you want to tell.
Amy Lehfeldt
Senior Art Director
Andy Saunders
SVP Creative Content
Paul Foster
Senior Director Creative Imagery
Guy Merrill
Head of Art
Rachel Brinton Matthews
Senior Video Specialist
Alwyn Gosford
Senior Art Director
Josie Gealer Ng
Senior Art Director
Julia Holliday
Senior Content Editor
Richard Newstead
Creative Content Senior Manager
Jacqueline Bourke
Senior Manager, Creative Insights & Planning
Rebecca Swift
Senior Director, Creative Insights & Planning
Rut Sospedra Valero
Creative Researcher
Tristen Norman
Manager, Creative Insights & Planning
Sarah Foster
Creative Content Senior Manager
Beth Wachtel
Creative Content Manager
Emilie McKittrick
Senior Content Editor
Bill Bon
Editing Director
Beth LaFrenier
Creative Workflow Manager
Erin Charbonneau
Senior Content Editor
Jane Perovich
Photo Editing Manager
Masaaki Kobayashi
Senior Art Director
Yuri Endo
Content Editor
Claudia Marks
Senior Art Director
Andrew 'Dizz' Delaney
Director Creative Content
Renata Simoes de Aguiar
Senior Manager Creative Content
Jacq Kozak
Creative Coordinator
Petra O’Halloran
Creative Research Project Manager
Kate Rourke
Senior Manager Global Insights
Lauren Catten
Senior Art Director
Maxine Ihezie
Creative Researcher
Rebecca Rom-Frank
Creative Researcher