Sustainability: Tea Garden in Taiwan

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Shang-Jie Hsu
Gosling Gao
Apr 25, 2024
VisualGPS shows that trust in companies' sustainability claims is low, with consumers viewing them as marketing tactics rather than genuine commitments. Consumers expect more from businesses amid government inaction in sustainability.
We were lucky to have encountered a family‑owned tea business in Taiwan, now managed by the son, which embodies the principles – transparent supply chain, sustainable production process, eco‑friendly product lifecycles and product delivery. The family has been using traditional craftsmanship to process oolong tea that Taiwan is famous for. During the tea‑picking season from March to April in 2023, our regional creators had the unique opportunity to cover the process in a documentary‑style format through a multiple‑day shoot.

Through the stills and dynamic video clips, they authentically and immersively captured the outdoor tea‑picking, indoor tea‑processing scenes, and client interactions/consultation, local travel, and tea appreciation. The visual series serves a powerful tool in unfolding the real landscape of sustainable tea business in the region and helps build the connection and trust with the audience.
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