Visual GPS
Welcome to a new way to think about visual storytelling. Building on Getty Images 25 years of trend research and reporting, our multi-faceted approach leverages our internal search data, insights from our visual experts, and the latest market research, delivering a one-of-a-kind guide to finding the right images and videos to connect with your audience.
Global Report
Download the first global report on the four Forces driving consumer decisions today and the imagery that reflects them.
Yes, we're talking body image—but it's also about emotional, mental, spiritual, family, and relationship fitness. It's about taking care of ourselves and those we love, aligning lifestyles and leisure pursuits accordingly. Find out more on how to apply this concept to your campaign.
Technological advances abound—from the latest mobile app to advances in electric vehicles. What is the impact of technology on human relationships? Explore more about the tension between technology and human connection.
From reducing our carbon footprint, reusing and recycling, to appreciating and protecting nature's beauty—showing what we're doing for a sustainable future has gone mainstream. Read more about how to capture this topic in your work.
More than a trend, this is about long overdue acceptance of our differences, empathy for how others experience the world, and the ability to bring our whole selves to everything we do, personally and professionally. See why "keeping it real" can help you connect.