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VisualGPS gives you the unique insight that drives connections and strengthens engagement.

When our award-winning VisualGPS program launched more than 2 years ago, we set out to research and report on the things that consumers really care about and to help our customers navigate the crowded visual landscape. But, as we’ve seen, forecasting what comes next takes more than best guesses. With data, insights, and tools you won’t find anywhere else, VisualGPS helps you drive stronger connections and deeper audience engagement. Read on to learn how.

I’m not biased,
but everyone else is
Download our latest special report on recognizing visual bias and how to combat it.

What is

VisualGPS goes beyond predicting the trends. Our research and reporting combine the latest market surveys, proprietary search data, image testing, and the expertise of our visual analysts, bringing you the facts and insights that help you think more closely about consumers and how you can connect with them.

As VisualGPS enters its third year, we build upon what we’ve seen with all new content ranging from small, digestible datapoints to longer form articles and magazines—and actionable insights that inspire next steps in your search for impactful images and videos.

Who is
VisualGPS for?

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company keeping an eye on industry disruptors or a small business owner trying to capture a larger share of the market from competitors with more resources, connecting with consumers can be a challenge. But it’s often a first step in earning new business or maintaining an existing relationship.

VisualGPS shows you what consumers care about, why they care about it, and how to tap into it – helping you standout, with a direct link to the millions of exclusive curated images, videos, and illustrations on Getty Images and iStock.

What does
VisualGPS offer?

Offering inspiration for getting started, exploration of new ideas, and validation of your creative choices, the latest data and the freshest insights are on full display, fueling content creation from concept to completion, with direct access to the images and videos that deliver impactful results.

Inspiration Exploration Validation
  • Digestible data-backed visual summaries of key findings
  • Quick takes on the latest trends and insights
  • Fresh reporting on consumer attitudes
  • Commentary from our visual experts on what it means for your brand
  • Actionable insights that put you on the path to the perfect image or video
  • Easily accessible data that backs up your creative choices, based on what today’s consumers care about

What makes
VisualGPS different?

Because of our unique approach, we’re not just reporting on what’s popular or simply giving you an opinion—we’re delivering meaningful guidance to help you create a visual strategy that aligns with your brand and supports your distinct identity in the marketplace. In other words, we don’t just tell you what images or videos to use. That would lead to every customer choosing the same images, making it hard to differentiate.

Instead, we arm you with the information you need to confidently make decisions. Much like a GPS, we show you how to get there—what you do when you arrive is up to you.

VisualGPS Reports
Get the latest takes on the topics consumers care about

From Social Bias to Sustainability, our special reports provide the actionable insights you’ll only find from our team of creative researchers.