Family Moments

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
MoMo Productions
Amy Lehfeldt
May 8, 2024
Our VisualGPS research indicates that 27% of Americans have noticed an increase in the representation and stories of typically underrepresented groups, such as members of the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities, over the past year. We're proud to think we've contributed to these changes! Momo Productions, one of our Exclusive creators, excels at producing inclusive imagery of real families. Their recent shoots have captured diverse family types in the Atlanta area and focused on scenes reflecting each family's unique lifestyle and interests. Through strong casting, they highlight the full spectrum of our population, different ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, ages, and family structures. These vignettes can range from joyous play to quieter, intimate moments such as a serious conversation between a parent and child, to chores and responsibilities, and hobbies shared together.  
"Family" has consistently been the most searched term on Getty Images across the years, including in 2023. Clear family moments are highly sought after by brands due to their universal relatability, authentic emotional connections, and the compelling stories they can tell, but it matters whose lives are being shown. Consumers are more likely to respond to imagery that looks like them or their loved ones rather than visuals that are generically aspirational. This relatability can enhance the connection between a brand and its audience, making the brand seem more trustworthy and genuine, as it mirrors viewers' own experiences.  
This series of shoots covers a wide range of little moments of everyday life events, reflecting the unique emotional story of each family. These specific but universal stories appeal to a broad spectrum of advertisers and marketers who need to convey a wide variety of concepts such as love, bonding, unity, security, and support.
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