Tender Fatherhood in Argentina

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Frazao Studio Latino
Victoria Resico
May 20, 2024
Tenderness, vulnerability, sensitivity. These words are starting to gain more and more force in the visual landscape regarding fatherhood and masculinity. However, more often than not, it is challenging to find these characteristics in visuals that showcase this topic in a genuine and authentic way. In a world where traditional gender roles are increasingly being redefined, the portrayal of fathers in media has lagged behind.

Our VisualGPS research found that even though men are often shown as fathers, they are less likely to be shown giving their kids direct affection, especially when there is not a woman present in the frame. Within visuals popular with Latin American brands, men are shown 59% less frequently as single parents compared to women, and a simple act of tenderness such as a parent hugging their child is depicted 50% less frequently with fathers than with mothers. However, our VisualGPS consumer survey found that 88% of Latin Americans agree that both men and women can contribute to household responsibilities equally, and 83% also think that mothers and fathers should have an equal opportunity to spend time with their newborns. In a society where these sentiments are mainstream, the need for visuals portraying caring, tender, and emotionally involved fathers is clear.
Seeing this as an opportunity, creator Frazao Studio Latino in Argentina produced a shoot aimed at challenging these outdated norms by capturing the modern essence of fatherhood in all its nurturing and caring glory.

This particular shoot centered around a single father and his baby daughter in their apartment in Buenos Aires engaging in everyday chores around the house together. From eating a meal together and washing up afterwards, to enjoying a bit of playtime, the visuals capture the tender moments shared between father and child, defying the stereotype of fathers as distant or uninvolved caregivers.

To achieve this, it was key to create an intimate space where the father was not just a provider or a disciplinarian but where he was a caregiver, a role model, and above all, a loving parent. His genuine, authentic, and kind interactions with his daughter depict a new model of fatherhood: One that is defined by compassion, empathy, and active engagement. By showcasing fathers as loving, nurturing, and actively involved in the lives of their children, this shoot will help pave the way for a more inclusive and representative visual landscape.
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