Summer Competitive Sports

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Lighthouse Films
Amy Lehfeldt
Jun 14, 2024
Every four years, the world comes together for a spectacle of human achievement, national pride, and unparalleled storytelling. The summer games are more than just a sports competition; they are a global cultural phenomenon that captivates audiences and ignites the imagination. As families, friends, and fans gather to witness the drama unfold, they become emotionally invested in the triumphs and tribulations of athletes from around the world, transcending borders and reminding us of the universal values that unite all human beings. In fact, our proprietary VisualGPS consumer survey shows that over a quarter of people say that sports make them feel connected to people all over the world.

It's no wonder that commercial advertising so often draws from the rich imagery and symbolism of the summer games. By tapping into the raw emotions and aspirations of this iconic event, brands can craft narratives that don't just resonate with consumers—they get under their skin and into their hearts. One in three people across the globe are inspired or motivated by seeing people from a variety of cultures playing a sport.
At Getty Images, we recognize the immense value of sports imagery, which is why we've been focused on creating fresh, dynamic content over the past year that not only reflects these sports but encapsulates the key concepts customers are searching for, including vitality, competition, success, and togetherness. We've assembled a diverse array of video content, ranging from sweeping, cinematic epic scenes to intimate, small‑scale individual sports. Thomas Barwick and Lighthouse Films have created stunning baseball and soccer content, respectively, showcasing the grandeur and excitement of these popular sports, which remain the most popular global sports downloads. Simon KR and Lighthouse Films have captured the raw intensity, personal grit, and determination of track and field and gymnastics through their intimate footage.

And we didn't just settle for the same old angles and perspectives. We pushed ourselves to experiment with cutting‑edge equipment, vintage lenses, and innovative techniques, capturing the action from every conceivable vantage point to create content that is truly unique, powerful, fully released, and unforgettable.

If you're seeking to tap into the unrivaled power of sports storytelling and connect with customers on a primal level, look no further than our collection of fresh and impactful sports content.
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