Between Doctor and Patient: A Special Connection

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The Good Brigade
Emilie McKittrick
Jun 3, 2024
The power of empathy
As robots are performing more surgeries and technology is transforming healthcare, patients want to feel human connection more than ever, especially with their doctors. Per our VisualGPS research, 90% of Americans feel it’s important for healthcare brands to care about them as a human and not just a customer, revealing how patients are looking for doctors who will take the time to build a relationship with them. Additionally, 2 in 3 Americans say the pandemic reduced their confidence in the healthcare system,1 so healthcare companies need to work harder than ever to humanize their businesses and build trust with patients. Using visuals that depict relatable person‑to‑person interactions, small moments of trust, and genuine connection between doctors and patients can help these companies resonate with customers and show their commitment to supporting patients.
Diversity is crucial
With these insights in mind, we briefed our creators asking them to make content that would humanize healthcare and capture the importance of doctor‑patient relationships. Depicting authentic connections and genuine empathy between doctors and patients is essential but with VisualGPS research showing that 81% of Americans believe it’s important that a healthcare brand celebrates all kinds of diversity, we also emphasized the need for creators to be very inclusive in their casting. With all POC identities underrepresented compared to their populational proportions, we wanted visuals that showed Black and Latinx doctors in particular, as well as Indigenous people.
Gender diversity is important here, too, since 81% of Americans believe that men should embrace being nurturing, emotionally sensitive, and empathetic. With this in mind, creators captured poignant content featuring men in a variety of scenarios: Being vulnerable as a patient while receiving consolation, practicing expert bedside manner as a doctor with his patient and her husband, and endearing himself by being encouraging and soothing to a young patient at a check‑up.
Reinforcing a special connection
These visuals exemplify the ability of our creators to take distinct needs and combine them with intentional planning, thoughtful model casting, and careful location selection. For example, Thomas Barwick and Pat Molnar (Momo) used their connection to real family practices in order to take a more reportage style approach, avoiding staged scenes and observing genuine experiences throughout day. The Good Brigade approached the topic as a day in the life of a real teaching hospital, focusing their attention on moments and spaces like hallways and waiting rooms where many essential interactions between doctors and patients happen.

Scenes from shoots like these feel relatable and capture a wide variety of stories through distinct kinds of medical visits. From routine annual check‑ups to pregnancy monitoring, pediatrics to oncology, they move beyond blandly generic scenarios to show intimate consultations, difficult conversations, and tender reassurances allowing both patients and doctors to reflect their full, vulnerable, and dynamic humanity. This content cultivates feelings of trust and evokes emotions like empathy, resilience, humor, and humility; all concepts customers need to reinforce the special connection between doctor and patient.
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Video credit: 1956992944 and 2151042158, Thomas Barwick
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