Holiday Indulgence

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Jacqueline Bourke & Sandra Michalska
Aug 2, 2023
We are still months away from the festive season, yet marketers around the world want to know what the holiday season will look like.
Holiday celebrations often bring a very welcome excuse for guilt‑free indulgence. However, this year could bring it to a whole new level. Read on to find out how the right visuals can help your messaging stand out from the crowd. 
Slowing down is the new indulgence!
Across advertising, classic movies, or shared stories on social media, visuals of burnt meals, missing gifts or your cat eating brand‑new decorations often show the chaos this holiday season brings! Yet the time for slowing down during the holiday season has come.  According to VisualGPS research, nearly half of global consumers are prioritizing their mental health more than ever before. Why? During the pandemic, mental wellbeing became a priority. Today, videos showing indulgent de‑stressing routines with pastel colour palettes are redefining strength as softness. It is all about reclaiming a life of joy. On Tiktok, #softlife has been popularized by Black women and has become the antithesis of #girlboss.

This is influencing video storytelling during the holiday season! VisualGPS research shows that having more time with family/friends/loved ones continues to be a priority in the post‑covid world. Showing care is key. There has been a shift from individual self‑care to a collective care, as caring for ourselves and others is increasingly important to today's consumers. Slow motion videos showing people slowing down for gentle hugs can help emphasize the here and now. Hand‑held camera movement or eye‑level shots is also other ways in which you can convey emotional closeness in your story. In addition to holiday traditions, show other creative activities that people can do together, such as playing games or doing nothing. Videos that show people slowing down, letting go of holiday chores and focusing on what is most important to them will be more relatable this holiday season. In the end, even Marie Kondo admitted that her house is now a mess, and that’s ok2.

Indulge in Holiday Humour!
This holiday season is also a time for a break from judgments about what’s good taste or not. Take family pictures wearing gaudy sweaters. Often, what is considered grotesque or vaguely embarrassing, can also be endearing and make you smile. 81% of global consumers crave humorous content more than ever before, and 86% want to see content that is light‑hearted when they want to relax. So whether you enjoy holiday clichés “ironically” or not, it’s the time of the year when you can let go, indulge in visual fun and all the familiar patterns that make the holiday season so warm and reassuring.

Our customers don't often focus on visual fun in holiday videos. Seasonal trends in popular videos most often show twinkling fairy lights, large groups of people gathered in decorated homes and green screens of festive ornaments or snowflakes which allow our customers to incorporate their messages of festive wishes. There is an opportunity this holiday season to indulge in humour. It’s about selecting videos that show small moments of levity which make your message more relatable and more importantly, more memorable.

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