Everyday Business in 2024

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
The Good Brigade
Emilie McKittrick
Mar 14, 2024
"Everyday business" is one of the top searches across nearly all customer industries, especially with finance customers. In a world that’s increasingly digital and where fintech is growing leaps and bounds, these brands are trying to cultivate a feeling of trust, connection, and collaboration with their audiences—so visuals need to convey these concepts and feel relatable, especially to young businesspeople and entrepreneurs. Additionally, our VisualGPS consumer survey found that 86% of Americans say work/life balance is essential to their mental well‑being. It’s important to shift the way that work is pictured to account for this consumer sentiment. This well‑crafted, intentionally planned shoot by the Good Brigade does just that.

Casting choices expand who is seen as an entrepreneur
Firstly, we looked at gaps in our collections and crafted a shoot brief for a modern work environment that skewed a little more toward Gen Z than Millennials. Following our guidance, the creator looked in Los Angeles for a real office space that felt warm and more inviting than the typical, generic, and cold‑looking space often seen in business shoots. Model choice was the next consideration, and we aimed to expand the view of who can be an entrepreneur or business professional. With the intention of including a range of ages, ethnicities, body sizes, and individual styles, we selected models that were predominantly Latine Gen Z, with a few younger people and one older model.  
Styling choices give this office shoot some extra personality
Styling diverged from what one might typically think of as office apparel. With the consumer trend of spending on clothing that expresses one’s personality, it was important that the models’ individual styles felt fresh and conveyed an aspect of who they are. Styling also considered how men can express themselves in a work environment in a more personal way, creating a more comfortable, inclusive feel.

The rich, expressive color palette and warm, natural light in this more authentic space also strengthens the contemporary quality and visual appeal. The way the people move through the inviting areas, balanced with their personalities that come through with styling, feels realistic and comfortable, setting this apart from many office shoots.

The right moments convey the right concepts
Combining all these well thought‑out elements, the shoot successfully captures strong moments of mentoring, leadership, and partnership, as well as clear pride in and dedication to the work. While the shoot captured portraits, it concentrated on moments of authentic collaboration and camaraderie. These stellar moments will appeal to customers looking for visuals that can represent the human face of business and finance and convey the increasingly important concepts of trust, service, and reliability with relatable, contemporary faces in an inviting work environment.
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