Connecting on Magic Island: A New Take for Brazilian Travel

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Gabriel Carreiro de Melo
Mar 25, 2024
In a world fueled by wanderlust, Brazil shines as a vibrant haven for international and local travelers, offering a rich tapestry of experiences that captivate the senses and nourish the soul.
The local travel industry thrives, with record revenue exceeding "R$ 73 billion in the first four months of 2023[...]a 15.8% year‑on‑year increase, being the highest since 2015".As a result, visual representations of travel are shifting. Gone are the days of solely showing tourist attractions in commercial visuals: Today's focus is on authentic experiences, immersing subjects in the soul of the destination with the exploration of savouring local flavours and fostering genuine connections. This is probably why Brazilian travelers prefer visuals of lesser‑known attractions (40%) over more popular and mainstream tourist destinations (35%).

Partnering with Giselle Flissak, a Brazilian creator, we planned a multi‑day shoot aimed to showcase a fresh perspective on tourism in Florianópolis, an island located in the south of Brazil and nicknamed by locals as “the Magic Island”. The goal was to showcase Florianópolis through the lens of three different unique and diverse narratives, centering 'connection of the subjects' as the main theme.
"As the travel landscape evolves, one thing remains constant: The importance of the connections we cultivate along the way."
The narratives varied from the exploration of historical sites by an intergenerational mom and daughter duo to the romantic connection between a multi‑ethnic gay couple. The narratives were designed to be authentic, diverse, and relational, reflecting a local need uncovered through VisualGPS research which says that 80% of Brazilians would rather see images of travel destinations featuring people who resemble their friends or family, rather than models. This particular sentiment reinforces the focus on Black travelers, since only 16% of popular travel visuals in Brazil feature Black people (compared to 28% of overall visuals).

As the travel landscape evolves, one thing remains constant: The importance of the connections we cultivate along the way. These connections transcend mere sightseeing, transforming our journeys into exchanges of human interrelation. In celebrating diversity, fostering love, and nurturing familial bonds, we unlock the true essence of travel. It's a pursuit of exploration and discovery, enriched by the connections we make with the places we visit and the people we encounter.
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