Visualizing the Future

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Artur Debat
Sarah Foster
Nov 10, 2020

Our creative team is always looking for new ways to engage with our best contributors, and recently we handpicked a small group of our most skilled CGI artists – including Andriy Onufriyenko,  Huber & Starke, Petra Debaljak (Piranka), Pali Rao (Peepo), Jorg Greuel, Erkan Oneren (Eoneren), Viaframe, and Artur Debat, among others ‑ to work collaboratively around key topics.  In a salon‑like forum, we aim to inspire and focus their considerable creative talents with brainstorming, peer‑to‑peer critiques, and on‑going feedback and art direction from us on the themes and ideas we know are rising in customer demand.
Over the summer, we challenged them to rethink representations of sustainability and climate change.

While everyday lifestyle choices and adaptations are a key focus, there is also a growing need for fresh conceptual and symbolic imagery capable of visualizing transformative innovations and solutions as they emerge.  Many of these ideas are quite abstract and so new that the terms are only just being coined, such as circular economy, vertical agriculture, regenerative systems, closed‑loop systems, biodiversity, habitat loss, carbon‑neutral, plastic‑free zones, biofuels.

How do you communicate zero waste? What does a circular economy look like? Often the most effective visual communication is deceptively simple – a crisp clear graphic that is eye‑catching at first glance, then reveals more layers of meaning and conceptual intent the longer one looks. Familiar elements are brought together to create new meanings and illustrate the ideas that are evolving to transform our future.
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