Healthcare Heroes Are Real People Too!

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
MoMo Productions
Beth Wachtel
Nov 3, 2020
Healthcare workers around the globe have responded to the COVID‑19 pandemic with resolve and resilience ‑ often (and rightly so,) we hear them referred to as heroes. Top advertising photographer, Patrick Molnar, created this wonderful portrait series to put a face to the fortitude and show essential workers as everyday people with their own stories. Seen here are African‑American, Asian, Indian, and Latinx models, photographed alone and with their partners in life. The images show a more authentic representation of the face behind the mask, chipping away at the default depiction of ‘Hospital Hero’ as male, white and heterosexual. Aligned with the needs of our customers, this shoot supports our Visual GPS forces of Wellness and Realness.
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