Affordable Travel in Europe

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Catherine Falls Commercial
Josie Gealer Ng & Emil Rothwell
Dec 5, 2023
With today's cost of living crisis, travel consumers are seeking more visuals focused on affordable travel—with an added emphasis on inclusive storytelling. Our VisualGPS research found that 75% of Europeans prefer visuals that show causal and affordable travel experiences compared to showing luxury travel. Travelers also continue to seek meaningful and immersive travel experiences. So how do we answer this need and create compelling visuals that resonate with today's travel consumers? By striking a balance within the imagery and creating visuals that are inspirational as well as relatable.

When we craft shoot briefs and when we’re on set, relatability is paramount, and we intentionally make choices to convey that relatability. This is done through inclusive casting that resonates with a wide audience, or depicting unique activities consumers envision themselves doing on holiday. We also rely on a variety of technical approaches—from wider framing to capture characters immersed in the landscape, to tighter crops that capture real emotions to convey the human connection. We often intentionally incorporate a handheld feel for added realism.
Here are some recent examples of shoots from European destinations such as Italy’s Amalfi Coast, the south of France and Copenhagen. We tailored the experiences to each of these destinations to be budget focused. We opted for local rentals and Airbnb accommodations as opposed to upscale hotels, savouring local cuisine and street food rather than fine dining and exploring local free attractions and excursions. These choices visually signify an authentic local experience, as opposed to a premium, tourist‑oriented one. They capture the beauty and authenticity of affordable travel in a candid yet elevated aesthetic, standing strong individually as well as part of a larger story.

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