Empathy in Latin American Clinical Care

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Victoria Resico
Nov 22, 2023
Healthcare. A single word that encapsulates so many aspects of a key part of our lives as human beings. It casts such a wide net of possibilities to portray that sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. But that’s exactly the challenge that some of our key creators in Latin America have been embarking on: Capturing and creating authentic and realistic narratives in imagery that show the variety of examination tests, the specialization of medical personnel, and the support system found in our loved ones when having to undergo a medical procedure.

And it’s this genuine, empathetic, and tailored representation of healthcare that really resonates with audiences, as our VisualGPS survey has confirmed that when it comes to authenticity, 88% of Latin Americans believe it’s important that healthcare brands offer products and services that are customized to meet their needs. Another 86% highlight the importance of medical brands to align with their values and worldviews.
Being aware of this need in imagery, both globally and regionally, we wanted to capture the dedication, compassion, and expertise of healthcare professionals, as well as convey the importance of these services. So, we collaborated with Dario Gaona and Gerardo Huitrón in Mexico and Andrés Rodriguez in Argentina to bring to life new visuals that showcase a diverse range of medical fields, like radiology, physiotherapy, gynecology, and surgery, where we can see the care for the patient at the heart of the narrative.

Our goal was to shift away from the traditional sterile hospital environment to a more personal and compassionate representation. Notably, the careful casting and selection of models played a pivotal role in this transformation.
According to VisualGPS, 81% of Latin Americans emphasize the importance of celebrating diversity in healthcare imagery, a sentiment that goes hand in hand with feeling that brands care about them as human beings and therefore will represent them in their imagery. So, we made sure to mirror the true diversity of healthcare professionals and patients, as well as break down stereotypes by featuring women doctors, male nurses, and patients of varying ages, genders, and ethnic backgrounds. Through this, we aimed to convey the inclusivity and accessibility of healthcare.

As the consumer view about healthcare imagery continues to evolve, medical healthcare brands can join in this shift of perspective towards a more inclusive, diverse, representative, compassionate, and caring view of medicine and health.
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