The Future of Finance

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Jorg Greuel
Amy Lehfeldt
May 6, 2021
Bitcoin. Blockchain. Cryptocurrency. NFT.  The world of finance feels strangely futuristic nowadays.  With long standing norms being uprooted by new forms of currency, digital platforms that put personal finance at everyone’s fingertips, and ever‑evolving global trading systems,  it’s no surprise that businesses are searching for finance concepts to keep pace and stay relevant.  They are looking for clear and to‑the‑point layouts and compositions but with fresh imagery that can help translate these innovations for their audiences.

These concepts are overtly digital, virtual and difficult to visualize, so we knew we needed to bring some specialized skills and out‑of‑the‑box creative thinking to the task.  Over the past year, we’ve invited some of our most talented CGI and still‑life artists to an invite‑only collaborative online forum, where we brainstorm and develop ideas, share feedback and target key content needs.  When we challenged this group to create imagery around these new financial themes as well as refreshing some of our classic icons, they came up with numerous unique and unexpected approaches ‑ from retro techniques to futuristic and abstract animations. They found ways to harness these unfamiliar ideas and convey strong universal concepts such as virtual transactions, data analysis, cash flow, revenue growth, uncertainty, challenges, and adaptability. Rich with graphic impact, alluring color, playful humor, deft technical skill, and fearless experimentation, their interpretations help us to picture the evolving world of finance as it transforms.
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