Modern Love

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Savana Ogburn / Refinery29 for Getty Images
Claudia Marks
Sep 3, 2019
While discussing some of the current trends our customers are trying to visualize, our friends at Refinery29 and I decided that covering some of the intricacies of modern relationships was key.  These days, it’s such a glorious spectrum, encompassing so many different iterations, that the possibilities are endless. For this shoot, they worked with Atlanta based artist Savana Ogburn known for creating magical worlds with a myriad of surreal storylines and couplings that immerse the viewer.
Savana is an artist who tells these magical and surreal stories through a riot of color, texture, humor and unbridled, handmade joy! Savana says “I want viewers, whether or not they understand every facet of what the work is about, to walk away feeling lighter and more inspired than they did before. If they glean something, ask questions, or look inward, that’s the cherry on top.”  
One thing a lot of people have questions about these days is intimacy. Although many feel they’re able to own their identity more fully than their parents’ generation, finding a partner who turns the world into a technicolor dreamland still has its hurdles.  
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