Live, Breathe Soccer

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Thomas Barwick
Amy Lehfeldt
Aug 27, 2019
From the moment we arrived at the soccer field there was an explosion of energy. The tone was loud and spirited with everyone yelling and shrieking with laughter. You know how extraordinary this team is when a near stranger tells you that they “know a special group of people you should meet.”
We shot this in July during the FIFA Women’s World Cup quarter‑finals, so the girls were even more excited about their sport than usual. In fact, when we were trying to shoot them pulling the goals out onto the field, they did so with such vigor that they left the photographer Thomas Barwick and crew in the dust and we had to redo it several times.
These girls are skilled. They practice and play games more days than not;  it’s a way of life and their families are all deeply involved. Each family rallies around its players creating a support team that spans all ages who are present both on and off the field. Soccer, in this instance, is the connective tissue of the whole community — the facilitator of conversation, confidence, and cheers — starting with the nine‑year‑old girls and reverberating through their families and friends. Because what is the sideline if not the foundation?
At Getty Images, we pride ourselves in supporting and creating imagery that redefines female athletes in the commercial and editorial space. This is one of the many projects we have worked on to support our partnership with the Women’s Sport Trust.
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