Camaraderie and Community

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
The Good Brigade
Sarah Foster
May 15, 2019
Across all forms of visual art and media, sport is a frequent, powerful metaphor for the challenges and rewards of human experience. When we first approached the boutique photo agency and Getty Images contributor The Good Brigade to collaborate on aspects of the Latinx experience for our newly launched Nosotros Collection, they immediately knew they wanted to shoot soccer, but from a more casual point of view – no uniforms, no big stadium, just everyday people bonding over love of the game.

Finding the right group of athletes was the biggest challenge, as it was December on the East Coast at the time. The Good Brigade tapped their frequent collaborators Jordan and Dani, a San Diego based duo, who were able to capture this group of experienced soccer coaches during their regular pick‑up game. Shooting from two different angles with two cameras simultaneously, they covered everything from warm‑ups and drills to the spirited competition between these skilled players with rich, dynamic spontaneity. What resulted is an authentic glimpse into the vibrant friendships and community formed on and around the field.
Finding Your Footing Through Sport