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Mathieu Young
Sarah Foster
Oct 29, 2019
One of the most exciting and important parts of our role in the creative team at Getty Images is connecting and collaborating with today’s best contemporary image‑makers. I’ve been excited to start working with Mathieu Young because he is a man of many talents; to say he is well‑rounded is an understatement.  As a photographer and filmmaker, he splits his professional time between marketing and PR work for major TV and film studios, and lifestyle advertising for national brands. In addition, he is also a licensed pilot; he hosts a monthly music series in LA called Kensington Presents; and recently founded a company focused on mentoring and connecting freelancers with education, networking, and accountability called Art of Freelance.  

While creating great imagery is at the heart of what he does, Mathieu clearly relishes any opportunity to meet new people and integrate seemingly disparate aspects of his work and personal life into one vibrant, connected community. His portfolio is centered around natural light, friends and family, lifestyle and travel, in an aesthetic that allows him to be very free with his photography.  As he says, “I used to really separate shooting from ‘real life,’ but now the lines blur really beautifully.”
Images from Mathieu’s extended family often center around their sister’s home in Victor, Idaho, shown in all seasons and weather, through holidays and celebrations to the simplest daily routines – grooming a horse, walking the dog, making a meal, kids playing in the yard. They emanate a sense of longevity, family heritage and traditions, and a deep relationship with the natural environment.  With the many harsh realities confronting us on a global scale ‑ often so complex and abstract that they can be difficult to relate to ‑ these everyday moments prompt us to consider our fundamental daily choices– how connected are we to those we care the most about?  Is the way we live our lives fulfilling?  Sustainable?  Much as we impact the world around us, so too the natural cycles of the land we live on, and the animals we live with, have an indelible influence on us. These pictures make the everyday truth of that palpable and suggest the rich rewards of being fully engaged with the people, the earth, air, and elements that surround us.  
At Getty Images, we are committed to evolving the visual narratives addressing the global climate crisis in the commercial and editorial space. The need grows more urgent every day for imagery that can effectively communicate the impact and relevance of this enormous issue to brands and consumers alike through relatable human stories, large and small. We aim to support and create rich, emotionally engaging visual content that can challenge and inspire the awareness and solutions vital to our time.
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