Everyday Sustainability

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Richard Drury
Julia Holliday
Oct 17, 2019
British photographer Richard Drury has spent this past year working on a body of conceptual still life work – focusing on key concepts that we know our customers are desperate to illustrate in new ways. For this most recent series, we wanted to reflect upon ideas and questions around sustainability. Our aim was to produce imagery that represents green ideologies and environmental awareness in a contemporary manner.

After many discussions, sharing various visual references and sketching out our proposals, Richard set to work in his studio. The first part of the series is comprised of carefully stacked recyclable objects, one on top of the other, often teetering on the verge of collapse. By placing together once discarded objects we wanted to create a new living form which serves as a metaphor for change, balance and fragility.

Richard says, “I wanted to show beauty in the everyday, disposable and throwaway, I wanted to communicate a sense of balance between the environment and consumerism.”

The sculptural ‘stacks’ question how we view our everyday packaging. We chose objects that are instantly recognizable and reflect a particular industry, allowing for each image to resonate to a particular audience. Careful consideration was also given to the overall color palette and tone. The "stacks" have an elegance about them, a sense of poise, of defying gravity.

The second part of the series is less ambiguous. These are clean graphic studio compositions depicting everyday objects ‑ shopping bags, coffee cups, water bottles. The message here is unambiguous by design and poses a direct question to the viewer: "Do you choose sustainability and longevity or instant gratification and throwaway culture?"
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