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We Are
Rachel Brinton Matthews
Dec 12, 2023
Visualising healthcare can be a complex task. Certain common ailments exist invisibly, and others with more obvious external signifiers can often be shown using cliches—or even incorrectly—according to the approved treatment. Using illustration and collage to address these complex issues when visualising healthcare and illness allows for a wider range of interpretations, as well as a contemporary aesthetic.

Read on to find out how creators We Are have merged technical expertise, cultural awareness, and a contemporary aesthetic to visualize complex healthcare issues. They created bold images that speak to the diverse experiences and aspirations of the younger generation.
Using Getty Images' search data to identify key visual needs for illnesses from the common cold and depression to fertility, chemotherapy, and vaccinations, I worked with We Are on this shoot to develop a visual approach to engage younger generations. To understand the healthcare needs of this generation and what most engages visually, I used data‑backed insights from Getty Images' VisualGPS research to identify key health experiences and values as highlighted in the three key dimensions noted here— care, digital connection, and joy—that would be essential to visualise.

Colour palette was an important aspect of this shoot’s development—avoiding a sterile blue aesthetic, often associated with healthcare, was essential. We Are’s signature collage approach lends itself perfectly to bright, hopeful imagery, whatever the subject. Keeping each image simple was also important, as we wanted to ensure that the main concept was easily understood, as well as leave plenty of space for copy and image extension if required.
We Are’s shoot offers a visual narrative that captures the essence of youth health. The visuals challenge potential healthcare cliches and visualise new approaches to positive mental health stories, mutual support, and the proactive use of technology in health management. Much joy can be felt within the images, emphasizing Gen Z's aesthetic choices. The collage technique elevates these choices with bolder, more vibrant, and surprising elements, creating a visual synergy that amplifies both the joy and dynamic aspects of Gen Z health.
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