Family Travel With Teens

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Thomas Barwick
Amy Lehfeldt
Jul 29, 2023
Travel season is here, and the demand for adventure has bounced back from the COVID restrictions of the past few years. Families are embarking on long‑awaited vacations to relax and unwind, leaving behind the stress of daily life. As a result, all‑inclusive resorts and beach destinations have become popular choices.

What does this mean for travel‑focused visuals? Well, they're also popular and are connecting with today's consumers. According to our VisualGPS research, viewers prefer to see imagery of families enjoying their vacation (47%) over singles or couples (36%). Our exclusive new images and videos cater to this demand, as well as our customers' need to promote inclusive travel that represents diverse cultural backgrounds.

Thomas Barwick's new series beautifully captures the essence of post‑pandemic family travel. Featuring three different families visiting coastal Mexico—all with teenagers—we get a glimpse at an age group that is often missing from travel visuals.  

Barwick's photography portrays a familiar visual narrative, encompassing every aspect of a resort experience, from arrival and settling into rooms to high‑energy moments at the pool and delightful buffet lunches with stunning beach views. The series also features excursions and adventures like snorkeling with sea lions, boating, paddle‑boarding, kayaking, and surf lessons—fostering family bonding and creating cherished memories.

To capture these relatable moments, the team went to great lengths to get every detail just right, setting the stage for genuine interactions. Real families were cast and flown to Mexico. Dedicated underwater equipment and athletically skilled team members swam and treaded water throughout much of the shoot. A drone operator provided aerial and overhead views, as well as action camera videos for an immersive and user‑generated perspective that transports viewers into the heart of the adventure. The result is authentic, inclusive, and spontaneous imagery that showcases the joy and excitement of being together.

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