Collage Me Cool

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Tara Moore
Rachel Brinton Matthews
May 17, 2023
Tara Moore’s conceptual collages are a playground for creativity—a treat for any Art Director to engage with. Over the last few years, Tara and I have collaborated to develop an ongoing series of beautifully crafted images that focus on popular, conceptual search terms on Getty Images, as well some of the more difficult to visualize concepts, to create sumptuous visual interpretations. And we’re not stopping anytime soon!
Abstract concepts ‑ such as student debt, the circular economy and 5G ‑ are all made more concrete through this visual medium. The combination of bright, popping colors and mix of shapes and textures provide a bold and refreshing platform for these playful images.
When considering a new set of collages, I turn to the Getty Images trending search data, looking for new patterns and related concepts that would suit Tara’s approach. We then discuss casting—Tara has consistently been committed to inclusive casting, bringing new faces into the spotlight, and building strong and trusting relationships with every model she works with. Recently when working with models from the disability and LGBTQ+ communities, Tara consulted with each model to find out how they wanted to be represented and what they wished to raise awareness of.
Taking insight into consumer behavior from the VisualGPS research, Tara’s collages are at the forefront of creativity for Getty Images’ customers and what they need visually to have impact.

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