Video Portraits

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Klaus Vedfelt
Rachel Brinton Matthews
May 2, 2023
Faces. Movement. Details, both large and small. Video portraits focusing on real people offer a powerful way for brands to connect with consumers who overwhelmingly believe—83%, according to our VisualGPS data—that seeing diversity is crucial in driving empathy. 
With a cinematic approach that drives visual interest and fosters an emotional connection, these clips employ tracking shots to establish setting, low angle tilts to present the central character as powerful, confident, and strong, and use the camera’s position and motion to deepen the narrative. Art directed by our award‑winning creative team, the casting, lighting, and location choices are all carefully curated to ensure that each frame tells a meaningful visual story. The filmmakers featured here infuse each portrait with a unique and captivating energy, whether the intended concept is subtle and nuanced or bold and dynamic.
The Power of Nature