Creative made smarter

Getty Images has always provided unmatched creative expertise through our team of visual experts. When our award-winning VisualGPS program launched more than 2 years ago, we set out to build on that expertise by researching and reporting on real consumer-driven insights that help our customers navigate the crowded visual landscape and have impact. With data, insights, and tools you won’t find anywhere else, VisualGPS helps you drive stronger connections and deeper audience engagement. Read on to learn how.

VisualGPS Insights
Dive into the visual data and insights that drive customer action.

What is

Providing ongoing deep insight and unparalleled visual guidance, VisualGPS helps you understand where consumers are and where they are headed, so you can make an impact and drive your customers to action. The visual stories you tell will be more effective, drive deeper connections with your customers, inspire your target audience, and make your brand, service, and value proposition stand out.

Who is
VisualGPS for?

Marketers, creatives, small business owners, social media managers, video editors, and producers of visual marketing, advertising, and communications materials for any purpose or medium. VisualGPS shows you what consumers care about, why they care about it, and how to tap into it—helping you navigate the crowded visual landscape for any project or campaign.

What does
VisualGPS offer?

VisualGPS goes beyond predicting the trends. Our ongoing research and reporting combine the latest market surveys, proprietary search data, image testing, and the expertise of our visual analysts, bringing you the facts and insights that help you reach your customers in more meaningful ways.

Identify Inform Drive impact
  • Identify concepts of importance and understand the values and perceptions held by target audiences (e.g., sustainability, financial wellness, data security, mobility)
  • Inform and support authentic representation across target audiences
Drive impact
  • Outline contemporary visual trends to attract new customers and convey the best of your brand