2021 Year in Review

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Dec 19, 2021
Documenting a year on the brink of change.
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In a year where the world looked to return to normal from lockdowns, loss, and global upheaval, the reality was anything but. Getty Images photographers, videographers, and editors brought into vivid focus how the new normal is transforming our cities, communities, and relationships. Through their lenses, they shared 2021’s most unforgettable moments in news, sports, and entertainment, and showed us the unwavering tenacity of the next generation.

World events kept everyone glued to their news feeds as our photographers captured the remarkable stories as they unfolded: political unrest at home and abroad, floods and forest fires connected to the growing climate crisis, and COVID‑19 surges spurred by the Delta variant.

Sporting events made a big comeback in 2021, highlighted by the Euro Championships and the delayed Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. Fans were welcomed back to the stands to watch their favorite athletes compete, and while some of the events may not have looked the same as 2019, sports continued to bring us together, whether watching at home or in real life.

The entertainment industry began to whir triumphantly back to life in 2021. Honorees attended awards shows from outposts around the world, celebrities made daring fashion statements at galas and film festivals, and street style made a splashy return, all with a bold emphasis on non‑binary gender expression.

Remembering all those who left us in 2021.
The impact of their lives will not soon be forgotten.

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What can 2021 teach us about the year ahead? If nothing else, we’ve learned to expect the unexpected. No matter what happens, Getty Images will be there to capture each and every moment. Sign up for the Getty Images Editorial newsletter today, so you don’t miss any of them.
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