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Tristen Norman
Feb 18, 2019
Freelancing, the gig economy, and the burgeoning remote workforce are all indicators that the world we live in is changing and new ways of earning a living are exploding. It isn’t just about how we work, it’s where. Flexible work spaces have definitely been all the rage the last few years, but the creation of high design, multihyphenate hubs for collaboration and incubation are becoming part and parcel for the future of the workplace. US‑based, women‑centered The Wing welcomes you in pastels and jewel‑tones, boasting comfortable, mixed use nooks for needs ranging from napping to breast pumping to meeting leading. Belgium’s Fosbury & Sons, focuses on a modernist renewal aesthetic, with high‑quality materials both recycled and new that challenges what it means to work and play. Time will tell if this new approach to flexible work spaces will make its way into the traditional office, finally freeing today’s workers from the hotly contested open plan seating both business leaders and architects alike currently love.
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