On the Road

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Thomas Barwick
Sandra Michalska
Oct 6, 2023
Open roads and road trips have a long history in visual culture. From Thelma and Louise to Mad Max: Fury Road, the open roads have become a canvas for unforgettable adventures, self‑discovery, or coming‑of‑age stories. As a visual metaphor, it conjures a sense of freedom, escape, self‑empowerment, and progress. Getty Images customers are searching to embark on a journey, too. However, even if search terms such as road trip, driving, dirt road, windy road, and icy road are on the rise, popular videos illustrating one of pop culture's most celebrated tropes can often feel saturated with clichés.

Our customers, especially from the Automotive industry, have been using videos of open roads to evoke freedom and adventure for many years. Aerial views showing small vehicles driving through a dense forest have an epic and cinematic feel, evoking a sense of freedom and limitless possibilities. However, aerial views miss the tiny details and moments that make a road trip memorable: wind against the skin, morning dew on the windshield, or singing to favorite songs. Visually, there is an opportunity to mix nostalgia with fun, as 9 in 10 global travelers desire a nostalgic getaway1. Playing with pastels and soft, washed‑out colours can evoke a sense of nostalgia. Mixing POV shots with handheld camera movement often brings a more intimate viewpoint. Incorporating variety into your edits can create a powerful blend of nostalgia, fun, and adventure, transforming your messaging into an unforgettable journey. 
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