Evolving Technology in the Covid-19 Era

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Maxine Ihezie
May 21, 2020
Our relationship with technology is rapidly evolving. At a time where normality has been flipped on its head, connections to people, products and services beyond our four walls has never been more vital and technology is playing a central role. So, with this mind, how do we visualise the upsides that technology brings?
The use of tech has enabled people to stay in touch and staying in touch under lockdown is essential for mental and physical wellbeing. According to our latest Visual GPS market research, 79% of respondents said that technology made them feel connected to those who mattered most. Companies are paying attention and reflecting this in their advertising. For example Telus’ heart‑warming ad, shows how the birth of a baby, introduced to the rest of the family through a screen, can be as powerful as the real thing.
Visualizing connection has shifted firmly towards showing virtual connections. In April, customer searches on Getty for ‘Virtual Connection’ rose by +3400%. Additionally, the following search terms associated with ‘virtual’ appeared for the first time: ‘happy hour’, ‘party’, ‘graduation’, ‘coffee’, ‘date’, ‘dinner party’ and ‘wedding’. All demonstrating how people are quickly adapting and being innovative around creating virtual connections e.g. socially distanced gatherings. Visually, humanising technology in your storytelling is more relatable.
"Visualizing connection has shifted firmly towards showing virtual connections."
On the topic of wellbeing, physical and mental health is not to be neglected, not ever and especially not now. During this crisis, technology continues to be valuable in tracking health and providing ways for people to care for their themselves. Last month, customer searches on Getty for ‘Telemedicine’ increased by +727%, whilst ‘Virtual Yoga’ and ‘Virtual Workout’ have appeared for the first time, mirroring what people are doing in this new normal. Personal trainer and Youtuber, Joe Wicks has gained a lot of attention and millions of views for his live workouts which sometimes feature his family. Training with personal trainers, in real time, has evolved to become more intimate, moving from gyms to the home. Similarly, galleries, museums and theatres are virtually opening their doors and encouraging people to enhance their mental wellbeing in less traditional ways. For example, in the UK The National Theatre has been streaming theatre performances for fans to enjoy from the comfort of their homes – quite literally the best seat in the house.
Many are using this time to be productive, develop and share new skills. Technology is aiding this. Whether it’s DIY, cooking, grooming or playing instruments etc. people are using the internet as a tool to learn and hit their targets. In our latest Visual GPS market research, 74% of respondents said that technology helped them keep track of goals, this jumped to 97% among people who are passionate about technology. Adverts from Currys PC and Telia, do a good job of showing how the use of tech is keeping people busy and making good use of their time.
When visualising the evolution of technology, it is important to paint a wider story and show the benefits of technology without the actual tech as the main focus. Show how technology has brought people together, for example, a milestone being celebrated using a video call with loved ones.

Technology is more than a tool, it’s a personal value. Visualising technology in a way that highlights the positive benefits of innovation will resonate with consumers who are already onboard—and that’s majority of them!
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