B2B Finance: What's important?

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Davina Ajana
Aug 28, 2023
The world of B2B finance is evolving rapidly, driven by technological advancements, shifting market dynamics, and end consumers changing their purchasing habits.  At Getty Images, we understand how data‑backed visuals can help B2B financial services brands authentically connect with their target audiences. Our VisualGPS research shows that 66% of European B2B finance companies surveyed use consumer and market trends to inform their decision‑making around content. Read on for key visual insights to empower your go‑to‑market visual strategy.
Showing seamless integration
Picturing digital transformation continues to be a challenge for B2B financial brands. There is a growing demand to show efficient financial products with seamless integration. From AI to machine learning, visualising how technology can streamline financial processes, enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and enable businesses to make swifter data‑driven decisions is not easy!

For example, minimal friction at the point of sale is expected by B2B brands. Our VisualGPS consumer research reveals that 6 in 10 Europeans believe that a cashless society is in our future and countries like Sweden, Norway and the UK are leading with digital payment options on multiple fronts.Part of visualising this cashless society is depicting the embedded finance market. ‘Embedded payments’ take place within apps or other online channels and B2B brands are increasingly adopting this option for their payment verticals.

When choosing visuals, ask yourself:  
  • Are you showing the benefits and rewards of digital convenience for B2B finance services? Consider showing visuals around customer facing tools, i.e, live chat,
    customer service support, and service apps.
  • Are you considering showing alternative ways to visualise digital currency? Explore conceptual visuals that use bitcoin or cryptocurrency symbols in different ways.  
Embracing Video
Video is an opportunity to create more informal connections with a B2B audience on social. However, ideating and developing relevant content is challenging and can be time consuming. According to our VisualGPS consumer research, 7 in 10 video producers say that creating ideas for content is the biggest challenge. So, where can professionals find inspiration? Our VisualGPS research reveals that 9 in 10 European B2B financial brands use YouTube as a platform to share branded content. However, short‑form video content that is less formal, such as TikTok‑style videos, is a source of inspiration because of increased engagement and better data retention.3 

What does video storytelling look like for B2B financial brands now? Comparing popular visuals for B2B versus B2C within the financial services sector, we see that B2B financial brands’ services and products are usually formal and functional, focusing on educating decision‑makers on the product or service offering. Videos are often fast‑paced showing production lines with aerial views telling stories of efficiency at scale. However, for B2C, visual language that is people‑centric, shows benefits of use and leans into the emotional side of consumers' needs is used to create a deeper connection. An alternative option for B2B video communications is taking an informal approach, using short‑format videos on social media and humanising content through people‑centric storytelling.

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