Getting Back To Nature

Trends / Sustainability
Paulo Amorim
Kate Rourke
Oct 22, 2019
In our 20+ year history, for the first time in 2018, “nature” was our top search term globally.

This trend started with value‑driven Millennials and Gen Z who were putting more of their emphasis on the importance of social change, this is now across all age ranges. According to the recent Edelman Trust Barometer study, it showed that 64% of consumers globally, across different ages and income levels are making buying decisions based on a company’s social and political stance. As a result, we are seeing huge increases in searches for themes related to nature and sustainability, such as “reusable bag” has gone up 1437%, “reusable straw” has gone up 3300%, and “composting” has gone up 120%.
Brands are needing to demonstrate their sustainability credentials, and we are seeing a wide range of imagery being used under this theme. It is important to consider visuals that show everything from sustainable ways to commute into work, to business meetings with reusable coffee cups or reusable water bottles, as well as showing the small changes people are making in their daily routine to be more sustainable.
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