A Spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Gabriel Carreiro de Melo
Dec 19, 2023
Visual representation plays a pivotal role in highlighting the achievements of women entrepreneurs. Among our most popular visuals in Brazil, images showcasing female entrepreneurs grew 18% compared to last year, while visuals depicting women working in small businesses grew 15% in the same period. In a world that's progressively recognizing the power and potential of female entrepreneurship, the need for authentic visual representation has never been more essential.

Brazil, in particular, is witnessing a surge in female entrepreneurship. According to a recent Folha de São Paulo report1, 2023 revealed a record number of 10.6 million women business owners in the country. These women are not only contributing to economic growth but also breaking down barriers and creating a more inclusive future for business.
With all this in mind, we collaborated with the Brazilian contributor, Ândres Oliveira,
to capture the essence of women entrepreneurs. Through his lens, we unveiled their stories and the multifaceted nature of the entrepreneurial journeys.

The first shoot features a fashion designer who owns a studio. Ândres' imagery beautifully encapsulates her creative spirit and the sense of pride she takes in her work, celebrating the passion shared with her team, as well as the precision and artistry that women bring to the world of entrepreneurship.
In the second shoot, Ândres captures an entrepreneur delivering a compelling lecture at a conference. This dynamic portrayal not only embodies the expanding influence of women in the business world but also serves as a powerful source of inspiration, encouraging others to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations.
Throughout both shoots, we selected key elements that supported the narratives. Locations were deliberately chosen for their abundant natural light, meticulously aligned with the desired mood and color palette of the wardrobe. Our models were thoughtfully selected to fulfill distinct needs, ensuring representation for Black and middle‑aged Brazilian women within the entrepreneurial sphere. Comprehensive coverage was achieved through both photography and video, providing customers with diverse mediums to construct their personal narratives.

These shoots celebrate the resilience and determination of women entrepreneurs while reinforcing the importance of diverse and empowering visual representations. These stories, as told through Ândres' lens, allow brands to use these narratives to inspire women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and drive home the point that diversity is not just a need but an essential component of the entrepreneurial world.
[1] "Mulheres donas de negócios batem recorde no Brasil" (Folha de São Paulo, 2023)
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