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FG Trade
Claudia Marks
Jan 21, 2020
FG Trade are one of our brightest rising exclusives at iStock.  Both Gustavo and Filipe, brothers from Sao Paulo, having previously worked on the advertising side of the business, started shooting together about seven years ago and in 2018 my colleague, the amazing, Renata Simoes de Aguiar our Senior Manager, Creative Content for LATAM and Brazil noticed their work in our collection and started giving them guidance.  Their portfolio has grown immensely since then and their images have a unique warmth, energy and realness that reflects who they are.
I met Filipe and Gustavo early last year when I traveled to Sao Paulo for an exclusive contributor shoot weekend.  Through Renata we’ve provided support and guidance in what imagery to shoot – both what fulfills our content needs and what we think would be subjects that fit into their style of working.   When the plans for Gustavo’s upcoming wedding were coming together it felt like an amazing chance to create some very hard to capture imagery.  Large scale family weddings are intense, emotional and very difficult to shoot but are very in demand from our clients.  It’s rare to have this level of access and trust from a large group and manage to have the event fully released. The fact that it’s released means it can be used to promote any product or service, so we consider this shoot a real gem in our collection!
Since Filipe was both a part of the wedding and in charge of principal photography, all model and property releases were pre‑arranged.  This means that ahead of the event, over two dozen model releases from the wedding party (and the priest!) were completed, and a property release was obtained for the 1868 former coffee farm, Fazenda Santa Bárbara in the city of Itatiba, in São Paulo, Brazil so that as many shots as possible could be included online in this set.
“I’d say the biggest challenge was for my brother to actually shoot the wedding as it happened and be in the wedding at the same time. It was an emotional challenge and that could not interfere in the results of the images. We wanted to make sure that the real emotions and everything I was feeling was captured in the photos and videos, but at the same time we didn’t want to lose any minute of the whole experience. We wanted two things at once and we made it happen.” – Gustavo Frazao
“Without a doubt, the most emotional and best part was the ceremony itself. The lighting was perfect, the sunset, everyone happy and excited. The families, friends and guests were very involved and surprised with the whole experience of the place, the weather, the party, the music, the food and the sound of the birds and trees around us. It was a magical moment for us and our families, as you can see in our shoot, there were a lot of happy tears, from all of us.”
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