The Modern School Experience

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Alwyn Gosford
Sep 23, 2023
For today’s students, going to school looks very different from what many of us may remember. In school buildings around the world, contemporary designs have taken the place of traditional rows of desks, conforming to the evolving nature of how lessons are taught, both online and in person. SolStock's latest shoot aims to provide customers with school imagery and video that’s relatable to the modern educational experience.
Filmed in a recently constructed school that incorporated all the latest design elements and facilities, we cast a diverse range of individuals to represent teachers and students, reflecting the imagery demand within the educational market. Classes were staged with a mix of traditional subjects, like chemistry, as well as broader topics, such as cookery, design technology, and drama.
The ongoing impact of COVID‑19 on children's education is of great concern to many consumers, with the UK Department of Education reporting that students’ emotional health and wellbeing posed additional challenges for schools. How do you show this current reality? In this shoot, we address these issues by depicting children interacting socially with each other and showing small groups of students in more activity‑based learning situations.
Teaching as a profession is noble but often underappreciated. So, we wanted to illustrate and celebrate the life of a teacher in a busy school, particularly for the educational recruitment and training markets. Looking to capture authentic moments of comradery, we created scenes of teachers meeting and discussing their work between classes.
Overall, this shoot provides a comprehensive range of imagery depicting life at a modern school and conveys evergreen concepts of learning, collaborating, mentorship, and social development.
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