Mental Wealth

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We Are
Rachel Brinton Matthews
Dec 15, 2020
From a cup of warm tea to levitating meditation, these creative collages from We.Are show a wide range of mental and emotional wellbeing practices, offering a timely, joyful and collective depiction of Mental Wealth. 
I worked with We.Are to define the key concepts for this project, analyzing Getty Images’ search data and insight on this important topic. This year has seen searches for “meditation at home” and “online therapy” grow significantly and while the terms “self‑isolation” and “anxiety” saw increases, more positive terms such as “resilience” and “togetherness” also notably rose. We know the importance of authentic visuals that challenge stereotypes around mental health, but it is also important to see the positive concepts and results of these support processes. We.Are worked concepts such as mindfulness, meditation, joy, relaxation, support, strength and balance into these visually cheerful and comforting images, using a fresh and vibrant color palette throughout.
2020 has been an incredibly challenging year for many people and the WHO and UN have highlighted the rise of a major mental health crisis accelerated by the pandemic. Our own Visual GPS data confirms that 91% of consumers think it's important to talk about mental health, and 90% say they try to take care of themselves emotionally.
Using collage to mix photography and illustration, We.Are create a world within the everyday subconscious, where authentic portraits are placed with surreal shapes, patterns and bold colours, illuminating relatable mental health triggers and self‑care practices.
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