Getty Images Accelerator: Seeking a New Lens

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Reyna Samms
Claudia Marks
Feb 13, 2024
Last summer, we launched the Getty Images | iStock Creator Accelerator Program, which marked a pivotal moment in our commitment to diversifying and fostering emerging photographers and filmmakers. Building upon previous initiatives, this program was designed to invite a diverse range of talents, guiding them through a comprehensive curriculum and milestones to expedite their journey towards building successful portfolios and careers.

The response to our call for applicants exceeded expectations, with over 300 submissions pouring in from 44 different countries, and we handpicked 54 individuals to join our program. In the initial three months, over half of the participants completed our intensive eight‑session video series, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate our processes successfully.
Celebrating the program's six‑month milestone, we're delighted to share that the cohort has contributed over 1,000 assets, showcasing both their talent and commitment to making a meaningful impact through active content creation for Creative and Custom Content briefs.

What is truly inspiring is witnessing the cohort's proactive engagement in transformative projects, such as portraying seniors living with dementia, and family celebrations. In just five months, these individuals have demonstrated initiative by not only responding to content briefs but also laying the groundwork for remarkable projects set to unfold in the coming months.
The essence of this initiative was to redefine who stands behind the lens for us, infusing fresh vision and perspectives into our pre‑shot library. The rapid success of the cohort has exceeded expectations, showcasing not only an expansion of creators but also a dynamic infusion of diverse stories and viewpoints. This is an essential step forward towards offering our customers more unique and inclusive content, as our VisualGPS consumer survey found that 7 in 10 consumers globally have said they expect advertisers to show diversity of all kinds.

Looking ahead, we're thrilled to continue supporting and following each member's journey within the program. This involves further enhancing communication, expanding the support team, and broadening access to the invaluable lessons we've created. These efforts will not only facilitate the success of our current participants but also extend our reach to welcome new talents across the globe.

In conclusion, the Getty Images | iStock Creator Accelerator Program stands as a beacon of progress, attracting diverse talents and achieving significant milestones. By addressing challenges and providing ongoing education, we remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting creators on their path to success, ensuring the continued flourishing of a new generation of talented visionaries.
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