Bold and Beautiful

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Emilie McKittrick
Feb 9, 2021
How do you change perceptions and broaden the definition of female beauty or what it means to be a woman? A good start includes depicting women as they want to be seen. This is the aim of Project #Showus, a partnership between Getty Images, Dove, and Girlgaze that launched in 2019. The mission of this ground‑breaking collection of imagery aims to eliminate unrealistic and limiting beauty stereotypes of women, female‑identifying, and non‑binary individuals.

To expand the collection in its second year, we looked to recruit more talent and create more powerful content globally. Brook Pifer is one of those fearless photographers. I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with her over the years and she shares my dedication to creating a more inclusive view of women and beauty.   I reached out to her with some ideas for a #ShowUs shoot and her enthusiasm was immediate with an all‑caps response of: “LOVE THIS”!

“Looking at this project holistically,” Brook said, “I felt it was important to share lifestyle work that is reflective of real women who are unapologetically themselves regardless of size. As females, we are constantly judged by how we look, by society, and ourselves. Let's shift the conversation from changing body types to changing attitudes.”

In casting for this shoot, Brook chose women who felt strongly about disrupting standards of beauty and amplifying their voices. The resulting images are inspirational – from the incredible models themselves to Brook’s talent at capturing their true essence as powerful women. They radiate a refreshing pride in their bodies and whole selves. This body‑positive story helps grow the #Showus collection’s authentic portrayals of women and offers our customers the opportunity to show inclusivity that reflects our society in a meaningful way.
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