Educating Gen Z with Video

Spotlight / Creative Spotlight
Klaus Vedfelt
Alwyn Gosford
Dec 20, 2023
There is a great opportunity to use video to connect in new ways with Gen Z about learning. Why? Not only does our latest VisualGPS research show that 6 in 10 Gen Z value progressing in their careers, compared to 40% of people overall, but for 68% of Gen Z, social media is a place where they go to educate themselves.
Gen Z's expectations are for a more collaborative environment that values open participation from people with different ideas and perspectives. Video can be leveraged to engage and inspire. Be mindful of bringing an inclusive lens and focusing on flexibility and 24/7 accessible learning. Consider videos that show both traditional classrooms and modern learning environments, e.g., mentorship programs, hands‑on training, virtual platforms. Furthermore, showcasing visuals that symbolise future aspirations and entrepreneurial spirit will resonate with Gen Z as they move through their educational and professional journeys.
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