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Hind Bouqartacha
Rebecca Swift
Mar 27, 2019
“70% of women still don't feel represented in media and advertising. 71% want to see these industries do more to portray women of diverse physical attractiveness – including age, race, shape, and size. They are telling us loud and clear that it’s time to change our definition of beauty.” – Dove Impact of Beauty Stereotypes Quant Study 2019

#MeToo or’s impossible not to think about how far we’ve come, but also just how far we still need to go. Times are changing and we can only hope that these movements finally contribute to the creation of a world in which women no longer have to endure or be considered regarded as objects. As image professionals, we also have our share of responsibility: that of designing and deploying communications, which authentically portray women, non‑binary and female identifying individuals as they are, not as others believe they should be. While visual language is ubiquitous today, brands have a responsibility to accurately reflect society and trigger positive change, challenging stereotypes rather than fueling them.
“70% of women still don't feel represented in media and advertising. "
Getty Images has had a bird’s eye view of the evolving depictions of women. Knowing the power a single image can wield, it’s important to consider what stories our collective visual culture is telling through the ways in which women are portrayed. We’re exposed to advertising at every turn, and the restrictive, traditional images of gender that have become so ingrained in our culture are genuinely damaging. Every day, women’s health, relationships and opportunities in life are affected by these limitations, exclusions and stereotypes. Everyone involved in the creative process has a duty to make responsible decisions.

At Getty Images we take this responsibility extremely seriously and believe that diversity is important both in the frame and behind the lens – that’s why we are partnering with Dove, one of the world’s most iconic beauty brands and pioneers of the real beauty movement, and Girlgaze, a diverse global community of women, non‑binary, and female‑identifying creatives, to create significant and sustainable change. For too long, media and advertising industries have perpetuated beauty ideals that present a narrow view of who women are and what they should look like. The time is now for all of us to be part of the solution.

With over 5,000 images, Project #ShowUs is the world’s largest stock photo collection created by women, non‑binary and female‑identifying people ‑ available now on The ambition? To come together and put an end to the narrow definition of beauty consistently portrayed around the world, setting a new standard for the authentic, diverse and inclusive representation of women across the world. It is a growing collection that will expand to include images taken by Getty Images female photographers from all over the world. The onus is on all of us to ensure we’re more mindful of the images we choose – wherever we use them.

View, license and use the photos in Project #ShowUs for your next project or campaign. This is just the beginning. Every image licensed will support female‑identifying photographers of the future and grow the photo collection further, so that all media & advertisers can reflect the authentic experiences of women around the world.
The onus is on all of us to ensure we’re more mindful of the images we choose – wherever we use them.
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