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Nov 17, 2022
Documenting a year of courage in the face of opposition

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We opened 2022 with growing atrocities in Ukraine—from global conflicts to critical elections, this year had a significant impact on the world’s morale. Despite this, the resiliency of the human spirit was on full display. People stood up for change while preserving their mental health. Athletes fought for their wins and their rights. Entertainment provided a spectacular yet blissful escape for everyone. Getty Images photographers, videographers, and editors caught these authentic moments through their work—and you can see how they influenced searches on Getty Images creative assets throughout the year with our VisualGPS Insights tool.


Unforgettable visuals and reporting provided a glimpse into real‑life challenges across the globe: heartbreaking events sparked by climate change, volatile campaign footage from pivotal elections in Brazil, Kenya, and the United States, and devastating scenes from the frontlines in Ukraine. These captured moments can lead to decisive action to bring about a brighter future.


With major sporting events like the Winter Olympics hosted in Beijing, athletes showcased their determination and dedication at their highest form—providing a sense of community, pride, and entertainment on a global scale.


Creativity without boundaries was the theme within the entertainment industry throughout 2022. Celebrities dazzled us with blockbuster films, captivating television, red carpet fashion, and more—inspiring people to explore their own expression without fear.


Celebrating the lives of those we lost in 2022. Their impact will live on forever.

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