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Caroline Tompkins / Refinery29 for Getty Images
Getty Images Creative Insights Team
Feb 24, 2020
Developed with creative challenges in mind, Getty Images Visual GPS helps you navigate through the crowded visual landscape, showing you what's important to today's consumers, what kind of visual content engages them, and what leads them to make decisions. Through our unique research offering, we have found several factors that inform and impact decision‑making. We're calling them Forces because we've found that they're a powerful influence on the way people behave. In this article, you will learn about one of these Forces, Wellness.
What defines the Wellness Force?
Wellness can mean something different to everyone. Since we’re talking about visuals, you’re probably thinking about what you can see—traditionally physical health. But, Wellness isn’t only about body image—it’s about emotional, mental, spiritual, family, and relationship fitness.
It’s about staying in touch and in sync with ourselves, being more mindful and intentional and wanting to align lifestyles and leisure pursuits accordingly.

What our market research tells us people care about. 
With the expansion of the health and fitness sector and the rise of holistic health practices and awareness, it’s no surprise that Wellness is the strongest Force in our first study. In fact, the number one characteristic that people want in their life is the health and wellbeing of one’s self and family members. While at times it can be a source of aggravation, it’s by far the most important characteristic of people globally.

"Wellness is about achieving
fulfillment in every aspect of your
life. It is up to brands to take
more of a 360‑degree view of a life
lived well."
‑Getty Images Creative Insights Team

How Wellness is expressed visually
The following example is just one of the expressions we uncovered representing the emotional, relational, and spiritual sides of Wellness that consumers most identify with—as interpreted by our visual experts.

Togetherness and celebration 
Nothing fuels emotional health like a celebration with people we love. And, observationally, there’s an increased desire to celebrate the good in life. This is likely driven by both the desire for personal contentment and the need to take a break from stress and the pace of life, as well as the political and socio‑economic discord that surrounds us. Visually we know that the joy of being with your community or tribe is hard to visualize. It’s even worse when it is faked for the camera. To create togetherness and celebration, we bring real communities and families together so the emotions are real.

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