The Rise of the Side Hustle

Trends / Wellness
Klaus Vedfelt
Rachel Brinton Matthews
Jul 11, 2019
‘Earn extra money without quitting your job’ – now that’s a tempting advert if ever I’ve seen one! According to a 2018 Bankrate study, around 37% of American’s now have a side hustle, and with some ‘jobs’ easily completed from the comfort of one’s couch, it’s clear to see why the rest of the world is also jumping on this money‑making bandwagon. From travel blogging to furniture upcycling, turning hobbies into cash has never seemed easier, according to Forbes.  

An abundance of online courses targets and enables this new breed of entrepreneurs, including a dedicated Side Hustle School teaching how to turn ideas into extra income.  As the first generation set to be worse off than their parents, many millennials are adopting side gigs to help with college or university debt and to tackle their position in the growing housing crisis, indicating that this strategy for extra income is perhaps less of a ‘nice to have’ than ‘a necessity’.

For many, the challenge of balancing a regular nine to five while managing the hectic pace of developing a new business would seem to require the agility of an insomniac octopus.  Or to give up entirely on one’s social life!  But as flexible working is now synonymous with so many occupations, it is more viable than ever for people to overlap their tasks, skills, and networking strategies, and to do business from wherever they find themselves.

While income may be the most obvious motivation, this trend is not all bound in financial opportunities – many people are developing a side hustle for mindful reasons, tuning into creative instincts or manual skill‑based work for an outlet that they aren’t finding in their current jobs. Turning one’s passion into a job can often lead to monetary rewards, but for many it is purely another means of expression and release.   As a part‑time Yoga instructor myself, I can certainly attest to this!
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