Return of the Carb

Trends / Wellness
Maren Caruso
Guy Merrill
Jun 13, 2019
Bread is back. After more than a decade in exile ‑ it seems that our appreciation for (and understanding of) carbs is coming back into a positive light. As consumers get savvy about additives and start to differentiate between ‘good' carbs and ‘bad’ ones, toast, pizza, pasta, and sandwiches may no longer be viewed as guilty pleasures. According to Facebook’s 2019 Topics & Trends Report, bread is more than ready for a revival.

Getty Images' search results for “carbohydrates” are up 93% and more specific terms like “banana bread” and “bread and butter” are also on the rise, 103% and 67% respectively. The resurgence of bread in particular is partly driven by bread baking as an increasingly popular hobby ‑ with enthusiasts experimenting with new ingredients, alternative flours, slow baking styles, and different fermentation processes. Bring on the bread.  
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