Video Techniques to Excite Your Audience

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Alwyn Gosford & Sandra Michalska
Jun 21, 2024
Dynamic shots, swish pans, Dutch angles, fisheye lenses and high contrasts in light and colour—these quirky video techniques act like adrenaline shots in video storytelling. As we observe their comeback, let’s explore why and how brands can use it.
Living in a hyper‑stimulated world, people aren't simply expecting more content, but also more immersive storytelling from brands. Getty Images' VisualGPS research shows that people seek experiences that feel more intense with half of Europeans and 7 in 10 Gen Zs wanting to make big changes in their lives. So when it comes to choosing videos for your creative work, various video techniques can do this in different ways.

The automotive and CPG industries often explore different video techniques to bring more intensity, euphoria, motion and interest to their ads. In advertising campaigns, Mini1 explores the quirky power of fisheye. Opel/Vauxhall2 makes use of swish pans and Dutch angles. Pernod Ricard3 explores rave and house party aesthetics, through explosive fast‑cutting, Dutch angles, flash and saturated colours.

So what are these techniques and what can they do?

Dutch angle
The Dutch angle can help elevate the emotional message about your subject matter, giving it a snapshot feel. Our customers often use Dutch angles to convey the concepts of freedom, bliss, euphoria and immersion in nature.
Fisheye creates a distorted and circular perspective to convey different emotional states—from claustrophobic to carefree and adventurous. In cinematography, it’s commonly used to add a surreal quality to the scene (think Yorgos Lanthimos's Poor Things). In the 1990s, it was widely used in music and skate culture videos.
Swish Pan
Swish pans are when the camera pans at a high‑speed creating motion blur. They bring a sense of movement and intensity. Consider swish pans as a transition shot in your edit to bring more energy to your story.
Low angle
Low angle is one of the most popular and versatile techniques to drive visual interest to the story. It has the power to convey different emotions and themes, especially power and leadership. Low‑angle shots can also highlight various elements of the environment such as tall buildings, trees and bridges, and add visual interest to your edit.
These interesting techniques can amplify your video storytelling and make it stand out by exciting today's audiences who seek more intense and immersive experiences.
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