AI: Visualising The Invisible

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Kate Rourke
Feb 4, 2020
AI (Artificial Intelligence) is now part of the fabric of our everyday lives, being used both at work and at home. Following our research into Finance brands, we found nearly two thirds (62%) were looking to depict this within their visual branding, which is a trend we are seeing across all industries. Our search data shows customer search for ‘Artificial Intelligence’ has gone up 179% in the last 12 months.
Demand for AI‑related visuals has ballooned.
This includes images and videos of everyday tech, with a 179% increase in searches for ‘smart speakers’, a 396% increase for ‘contactless card’ and a 239% increase for ‘rideshare’ over the last year.

But it also includes searches for more abstract technological concepts. Searches for ‘cybersecurity’ were up 107%, ‘cloud technology’ was up 153% and ‘innovation’, consistently one of the highest searched concept keyword, we saw in the last 12 months a 238% increase in ‘innovative technology’.

A recent study by Pega found that 84 percent of people have recently used at least one AI‑powered service or device despite only 34% of them thinking they had interacted with some sort of AI technology reference here. Yet, there is still confusion amongst consumers on exactly what Artificial Intelligence is and how is it being used in our everyday lives.  
Technology powered by AI has added the convenience many consumers crave, but that’s been at the expense of human contact. We have seen the shift of in‑person advice; help across the globe has been replaced by websites and mobile apps, and call centers have been swapped for chatbots.

And, at a time when concerns about cybersecurity and AI taking human jobs are also growing, there’s a recognized need for images and video that shows Artificial Intelligence benefitting, or at least working alongside, humans and also for brands to show transparency in how they are using AI, particularly when being used by the consumer.
So forget the traditional blue and gray tones often associated with artificial storytelling. Move towards more varied tones. Show the diverse ways in which AI is benefitting us as humans. Embrace concept‑driven imagery to show the humanizing relationship we are having with this technology as we bring meaning to it.
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