Plant Ladies Are The New Cat Ladies

Trends / Sustainability
Szabo Ervin-Edward / EyeEm
Claudia Marks
Dec 4, 2018

Rooted in a recent overgrowth of self‑care, we’ve noticed an online revival of prolific plant people. You might have noticed it too in recent décor trends embracing the now ubiquitous Monstera leaves and a multitude of variations on palm prints. According to Pinterest, searches for patterned plants like the popular prayer plant, have risen +533% in the past year.

These aren't just your grandmother's houseplants anymore. Gardening has gone wonderfully millennial, with new subscription services offering plants and gardening accessories sent straight to your door. Want to catalogue your plant‑pals and get crowd‑sourced gardening tips? There's an app for that. Sustainability is no longer just necessary, it's trendy.

One could argue that they have replaced pets as our favorite living things. On Instagram #plantaddict tags are prolific with 204,466 tags while #cataddict sprouts only 103,972. #girlswithplants has a flourishing 62,196 tags ‑ steadily climbing over #girlswithcats at only 42,516 and the growing tag #houseplant 373,729 outnumbers #housepet with 42,915 tags.

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