Oceanic Panic

Trends / Sustainability
David Merron Photography
Claudia Marks
Jan 10, 2019

While planning your next escape from your daily grind you may have noticed that more and more advertising is popping up for places once considered off the beaten path. Cooly depicting blissful folks going off the grid, communing with our planet in ways that defy what one normally finds when visiting the usual vacation hot spots. We’re seeing panoramic views of serene, empty beachfronts and untouched forests being truly appreciated in ways that transcend the paradise one typically finds at the bottom of an all‑inclusive tropical cocktail.

Many millennials and GenZ‑ers are conscious of how their actions affect the globe and are planning their vacations accordingly. They’re seeking to give back when they travel. Looking beyond simply sunning and swimming – they are making sure the money they spend is going towards helping care for the seas everyone enjoys.

According to Brendan Sawyers, general manager of Webjet Exclusives,  “More than ever before, we are critiquing the locations we visit and the operator's ability to maintain and protect the attractions, wildlife and experiences for future generations. No straws.”

One destination that has been recently dubbed a “sustainable travel hotspot” is Mauritius. According to The Independent, the island is home to “a handful of ultra‑sustainable and highly experiential places you might bed down at on a self‑driving itinerary crafted by Mauritius Conscious, the country’s first dedicated sustainable travel agency.”

The ease of booking travel combined with awareness of the state of the world’s oceans has become a factor in planning trips allowing travelers to select locales that are off the beaten path like Madagascar or Norway to visit glaciers before they melt away and seeking also to lower the impact of mass tourism in the most travels spots.  

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