Return Of The Flash

Trends / Realness
Linas Vaitonis / EyeEm
Lauren Catten
Mar 1, 2019

Hand‑in‑hand with the resurgence of '90s fashions, flash photography is back.

From food to interiors – it’s all being seen in hyper‑color. Once the ubiquitous treatment for magazines such as The Face and ID, flash got Terry Richardson his reputation and put Marc Jacobs and American Apparel on the map. But the rise of social photography saw brands move away from this bright, in‑your‑face treatment in favor of naturalistic compositions that reflected authentic environments and people.

But what could be more authentic than the harsh, raw reality of the flash? It stands out, seems fun and tongue‑in‑cheek, and, through its speed and plain brightness, implies a more immediate level of authenticity ‑ something brands are ever hungry for. Now, after years of Instagram’s dreamy filters and muted tones, the flash is bringing a pop of harsh realness to the table to jolt us into the present.

It’s not new, but in today’s climate, shining a bright light provides a gratifying level of detail and truth; light relief in a world where more often than not, nothing is quite as it seems.

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