Realness and Warm Tones Used for Human Connection

Trends / Realness
10'000 Hours
Kate Rourke
Oct 15, 2019
It is the year of the human for the financial sector. We are seeing this in both the imagery they are using and trending keywords such as “humanizing tech” “candid” “real people” that are being typed into our website.

They have been looking at ways to connect with their clients on a human level, and one method is by using imagery that has a natural warm tone. This treatment has been popular with our financial customers for a couple of years within lifestyle content. The interesting shift we have seen this year is with their business imagery.

They have moved from a colder, blue‑white palette to the warmer palette in order to show more humanness, more realness, and more warmth. The board below demonstrates this warm and real treatment.
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